Track Record - Passenger Rail Research

Deltix has undertaken a range of studies of rural and regional passenger rail opportunities, and has recently launched its 'Informed Mystery Shopper' service, assessing train operating companies' practical delivery of on-train service.

  • Levenmouth railway passenger re-opening: advice on rail policy and processes and their implications for the potential re-opening to passenger (and freight) traffic of the Thornton-Levenmouth branch line in Fife – Transform Scotland / LevenMouth Rail Campaign (2015)
  • Persuading business travellers to switch from air to rail: a report on switching from air to rail for journeys between Edinburgh and London, drawing together a range of academic and business studies, and sampling East Coast journeys, to produce a synthesis of the benefits to business of rail travel (and wider environmental benefits) – Transform Scotland / East Coast (2012)
  • Rail 2014: potential implications of a ‘dual focus’ ScotRail franchise: advice to the Regional Transport Partnership for the Highlands on responding to Transport Scotland’s Rail 2014 franchise consultation reference to the possibility of a “dual focus franchise” of “economic” and “social” sectors; the report focused primarily on the potential implications for Highland rail services and the wider issue of achieving Highland rail policy aims – HITRANS (2012)
  • Review of potential for a Newburgh rail station: literature review of previous studies, and contemporary assessment of the potential for a Newburgh (Fife) rail station – A.Douglas Consultancy / Newburgh Community Trust (2010-11)
  • Campaign for Borders Rail Website: pro bono co-ordination of production of new website to support the campaigning aim of 'The best possible Borders Railway by 2014' ( – Campaign for Borders Rail (2010 and 2012)
  • Ayr-Stranraer Rail Regeneration: scoping study to identify key issues (for more detailed research and incorporation in a development strategy) for the regeneration of the Ayr-Stranraer railway, following the potential switch of Northern Ireland ferry services from Stranraer to Cairnryan – TRANSform Scotland / Passenger Focus / SWESTRANS / SPT (2008)
  • Dumfries and Stranraer Rail Routes Study: assessment of potential new rail passenger markets, including tourist travel, on the Stranraer-Glasgow rail route following transfer of ferry services from Stranraer to Cairnryan – Reid Rail Ltd / Dumfries and Galloway Council (2005)
  • Stranraer Public Transport Interchange Study: a review of the rail feasibility and strengths and weaknesses of relocation of Stranraer railway station to one of two site options for a new public transport interchange in the town, including impact on freight and charter train capability – Dumfries & Galloway Council (2004 and 2006)
  • Delivering an Innovative Borders Railway: David Spaven was study co-ordinator for The Waverley Route Trust, which commissioned Corus Rail Infrastructure Services to assess the feasibility of providing an enhanced rail service and infrastructure package to add value to the planned Waverley Railway from Edinburgh to the Borders (2004)
  • Borders Railway Pre-feasibility Study: identification, review and analysis of all relevant reports on the original closure and proposed re-opening of the Waverley Route from Edinburgh to the Scottish Borders – The Scottish Office (1999)

Passenger Case Study On Track for Business: Deltix has produced a report for Transform Scotland, highlighting the benefits to business travellers of using East Coast train services from Edinburgh to London, instead of the plane. Read More
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